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Reaching Out to Your Team

There are number of key aspects to good web design. Some of them are related to things like style and layout – but others are related to substance. That’s kind of a play on words for us at WebSubstance – but it’s also something that every company should have in mind.

When it comes to the substance of what’s on your web site, it’s important to remember that people are the company’s biggest asset. As such, they should be well represented on the web. Too many companies underinvest in putting team information out on the Internet, and they suffer as a result. People want to be engaged with your business, but it’s hard to be engage with a faceless monolith.

By promoting openness in your web footprint, you build better relationships with customers over time. Here are a few key ingredients to this secret recipe for success.

Good Photos

It actually really helps the company to set up photos of staff – at least those at the top, and ideally everyone who works for the company. A visual directory helps customers, suppliers and everyone else to put a name with a face – and it sets the stage for more successful communications down the road.

Team Bios

Customers may not need to know where everybody went to school and what their favorite color is – but on the other hand, buyers really do have an impact on customer relationships. Suppose one of your staffers went to school with one of your key accounts – but they didn’t know that. Sometimes you’ll have that a-ha moment where you look at the bio as a reader and make that connection – and that’s a win-win for the customer and the company.

Contact Information

This one is keenly important in today’s world.

It’s common sense – if people can’t contact you, they can’t do business.

Most of us would be absolutely amazed at the number of companies that don’t have working phone systems – even for a sales department. Callers get a brick wall of distressing and useless menu options and automated error messages. A faulty menu sets up a caller for failure – people get frustrated tapping and typing in numbers of someone’s first or last name, and not coming up with the result that they want.

When you take that extra step to publish the contact information prominently on the web, you facilitate those key points of contact that are going to develop the relationships. At the same time, a considerable portion of your competition is making people scour the web for contact info and sending them to eternal limbo when they call in. That can work in favor of businesses that favor transparency – they’re going to get those customers who value direct phone time and access to staff.

Do you have questions about the best way to go on the web? Let WebSubstance help you with all of these important aspects of getting your team properly on the web.