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Paid Ads

When it comes to local SEM and PPC campaigns, things can get challenging. Apart from the competition in bidding, local businesses are challenged by the right campaign strategy, budget for PPC spend, and management of campaigns on a regular basis.

WebSubstance can help. We’ve got years of experience in ROI-driven PPC campaign strategy, activation, and management.

It’s All About Your ROI

We strictly work around your CPA (cost per acquisition) goal and thrives to use the latest features in Google Ads and Microsoft (Bing) Ad on top of developing a long term, profitable paid SEM strategy. We usually start with a modest budget and show results and then go from there.

Our expertise in SEM includes but are not limited to:

  • Customer persona and buying intent-based keyword (search terms) research and segmentation
  • Landing page development, A/B testing, and optimization
  • Campaign optimization across its entire value chain of keyword > creative (ads) > landing page

We focus on the quality score of all the keywords across all campaigns to achieve higher ranking even with a modest bidding.

Most of our clients experience 30-60% improvement in sales and leads from PPC campaigns for the same media budget.

Here are a few paid ad options we specialize in:

Google Search Network

Most of the consumers primarily use search engines for seeking any information, buy product or service. For local businesses, medium and large corporations, search engines offer the best opportunity for directly reaching out to new prospects and clients, who are in market and actively seeking information. Google with 66% market share of search engines in USA offers the highest reach and is the primary advertising platform for businesses. For a local business across all industry verticals, Google is expected to give the highest reach and best ROI for advertising dollar.

Google search advertising works with keywords (search terms) targeting and text ads. It’s an auction platform and works on a PPC (pay per click) model. CPC (cost per click) depends on the competition, means number of advertisers competing (bidding) for the same or similar keywords.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) help businesses reach people programmatically while they’re browsing their favorite websites, checking their Gmail, using mobile devices and apps, or watching a YouTube video. GDN is designed to help businesses find the right audience. While the Search Network can reach people when they’re already searching (keywords) for specific services, Display Network can help you capture someone’s attention earlier in the buying cycle.

GDN offers multiple audience targeting tactics including:

  • Audience (custom audience segments)
    – Interest
    – Affinity
    – Similar audience, also known as Lookalike (audience segments with common interest)
  • Content topics
  • Placements
  • Keywords (keywords similar to search network, but targeted broadly)
  • Demographics (sex, age, income group)
  • Retargeting

These targeting options let an advertiser scale and strategically show the message to potential customers at the right place and at the right time to make them aware of its brand and motivate them to take definite actions.

GDN works programmatically, means, the platform places ads in real time bidding (RTB) environment on the target publications (websites). It allows multiple ad types including:

  • Static image banner ads
  • HTML 5 animated ads
  • Responsive or Native ads (combination of text and image)
  • Text ads

Ads are shown on the spaces allocated on publishers’ sites and typical placements are top header, bottom, right side and also in between the body content, especially for native ads.

illustration of searching the web

Bing Search Network

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine serves ads in Bing, Yahoo and as per the latest deal, they also include AOL. Bing Ads as a combined entity has a reach of 33% of US population (Google controls 66%), a percentage which an advertiser cannot ignore. It simply means, if a business is not advertising in Bing, it’s missing one third of the market. What’s more Bing campaign generally results in lower cost per click and acquisition.


Facebook being the most popular social network offers very cost-effective advertising options for local businesses in their target geographies. Facebook ads can target custom audiences and content. It offers multiple audience targeting tactics like:

  • Location (reach people in the target cities, counties)
  • Demographics (audience based on age, gender, education, relationship status, income, etc.)
  • Interests (audience based on the interests i.e. home mortgage)
  • Behavior (audience based on their prior engagement or purchase behaviors, device usage and other digital activities)
  • Connections (reach people who are connected to advertiser’s Facebook Page or event or exclude them to find new audiences.)

Facebook allows multiple ad types including:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection ads (combination of image and video)
  • Slideshow ads

Based on your revenue goal, WebSubstance comes up with a detailed media plan with a multi-channel advertising strategy. We work around your marketing budget and justify ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) and then scale up to expand the market reach. Contact us for planning your paid media campaigns.

Learn more about our specialized online advertising strategy for your business, contact our team today.