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Getting Through the Jargon

There’s a lot to learn in the technology world. To some of those in today’s job market who are a little more old-school, it can be overwhelming.

Not too many years ago, the business world moved a lot more slowly. Many transactions were composed on paper, and deliberate business processes often happened in person, giving people the time to digest and understand what was going on.

Then the Internet happened, and other enterprise technologies came streaming in. Now it’s a very fast-paced business world with a data-centric, always-connected model. This can cause major disruptions and challenges for any business.

Sorting Out the Business Interface

As paper processes became digital, businesses were hit by all sorts of possibilities and opportunities – but many of these also represented challenges.

You hear it all the time in enterprise software – a new interface or software suite can either help push the business forward, or pull it down into confusion and disorganization. Much of that depends on how in-house people approach the technology in question – will they master it, or will they fail to implement it correctly?

You hear “alphabet soup” in the business tech world, involving terms like ERP, CRM, and in the industrial or facilities world, CMMS. You hear about interfaces such as content management systems or CMS, or intranets driven by underlying technologies like Hadoop clusters and container virtualization.

It’s a lot to stay on top of – but that’s not all. Now planning technologies are moving beyond deterministic models to new probabilistic models that are even more challenging for less tech-savvy business leaders to understand.

The Artificial Intelligence Boom – What It Really Means for Your Company

Now people on the vanguard of technology are talking about AI and ML – artificial intelligence and machine learning.

First, we had cloud computing, where new software services started to come in over the Internet. We also had the age of big data where companies started to collect all sorts of useful information and keep it in massive storage repositories, in order to sort through it with analytics and gain insights.

Now that process of getting insights is getting automated through artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. So are many other physical and procedural business processes. People are turning loose “smart computers” to do what humans have done for centuries – to direct the course of a business by looking at data and making decisions.

You have all sorts of jargon and mysterious wording attached to the AI and ML industry as well. People talk about neural networks and hash algorithms and activation functions and feedforward loops. It’s enough to drive people crazy.

So when you want to move forward with any kind of digital or online project, you want business partnerships with firms that understand what’s cutting-edge in the information age. WebSubstance can help – our team has looked at the greater context of the business world to understand the value of artificial intelligence in marketing analytics, visual dashboards and next-generation interface design. We take a holistic look at what a business needs, and we work with you to implement it. We are doing more than “HTML and CSS” in the age of artificial intelligence. We are making it our job to stay on top of what’s happening in the tech world, so that we can offer you the best expertise and consulting we can – that differentiates us as an agency in Northern Virginia.

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