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We are reliable, trusted and
efficient one-stop solution.

From helping you choose and register your domain name to offering reliable hosting plans, we provide a complete range of web services for every need and budget. We are your trusted one-stop solution with an ideal combination of features and affordability.

We understand that one of the basic building blocks of web expansion is to have an easy and convenient way to get your hands on “web real estate” – to have domain and hosting services that you can use with ease.

That’s why at WebSubstance, we set up domain name and hosting services that really help our clients to streamline a plan for a project – to make an idea into a concrete reality.

Ease of Use

When you want to quickly set up a new marketing site, or any other kind of project, you want something that’s just as easy as calling in and ordering new domains. We rival the biggest service shops around in helping our customers to set up new hosted sites with good domains.

Just let us know what you want for a domain, what you want to construct, and how maintenance will work. We’ll do the rest.

Affordable Packages

We’ll present you with prices that are reasonable for the projects that you need to do, and present those prices clearly, so that you can make informed decisions. You may decide to scale back a project – or to invest more in an all-out campaign to increase your web footprint. It’s our job to help you figure out what works within your budget.

Making Web Hosting Work for You

No need to have a third-party for your website hosting. WebSubstance will host your site reliable bandwidth and 99.9% up time.

Contact our team for more information.