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Creating the Right Road Map

If you’re interested in really upgrading your websites for the future, you’re probably looking beyond the regular suite of services that graphic designers and web design companies use to make a website glitzier and more attuned to Google algorithms.

In developing the right road map and path forward for our clients, we help consult on how to blend in new kinds of functionality, and how to advertise new products and services in a way that will help you stand out from the competition.

The web is changing. Just a few years ago, Google rankings were the most important thing that our clients asked about as they were putting together web pages.

Now, Google has changed its algorithms to reward rich content and organic experience. A lot of that old SEO material is only marginally relevant today. Instead, there are new ways to compete and innovate, and Google is rewarding them.

The web is quickly moving from “Web 2.0” to “Web 3.0” – a semantic web, and an experience that goes beyond simple linear programming.

From Deterministic to Probabilistic Programming

If you’ve heard anything about artificial intelligence and machine learning, you know that they are poised to emerge on the business scene and get injected into everything including corporate websites. Live chat is one example – so is the intelligent web form. Then there’s the semantic web relying on JSON and another protocols to develop stickier webs of knowledge bases, in order to do many things including target customers.
The simple way to say this is that computers are becoming smarter – and we have to become smarter too, to learn how to use these new technologies in an optimal way.

When you come to WebSubstance, we sit down with you and talk about design and style – but we also talk about meeting the needs of the future. Looking at a business model in its entirety, we can help to provide guidance on the best way to interpret and harness the power of new technologies to showcase your products and services.

Be sure your company is on the right track! Talk to us about anything new your web site may need, and we will help you take that journey toward a web footprint that leaves you feeling confident about Web 3.0.

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