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Three Useful Types of Audience Targeting

Is your business doing a good job of reaching out to specific customers, or just putting out a generic message on the web, hoping that people show up? The idea of tailoring a message to a customer is extremely important today, as businesses do a

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Content Marketing for Local Business

At WebSubstance, we’ve often talked about how valuable good content marketing can be. We know that we want to inject excellent content into the structure of a corporate website. But how does this work?Here are some of the aspects of creating great content that local

Break It Up: Page Loads Versus Interactive Content

  Building a business website isn’t always as easy as you might imagine. There are serious decisions that business leaders have to make — and many of them really have an impact on web viewership, readership and other factors. Having a meaningful website can really

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2016 Trends in Local SEO

These days, quite a number of companies are getting serious about developing a local web footprint. The idea is that businesses exist in communities, and that they should market directly to their communities, online as well as in a bricks and mortar space. Here are

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Are You In Control Of Your Web Project?

Are You In Control Of Your Web Project? Before going forward with any kind of web site creation, expansion or renovation, businesses should always understand the details of a web design or web hosting contract. Without this kind of due diligence, planners can get some


A Few Reasons to Update Your Portrait

Some companies invest in professional portrait services or other photography services, and that’s a good idea. Not having this kind of photography on a web site can create a poor impression. But there’s another issue: companies can end up using these images long past their

1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange Responsive Website Design Work and features: Responsive layout (optimized layout for tablet and smartphones) Ability for owner to easyli modify their web content Contact form with questionnaire Gallery of images Searchable site Technical words linked to definition with popup