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Digital Marketing

The Trouble with Channels

The digital marketing world is different than it was just a few years ago. If you grew up on SEO keywords and HTML website coding, you’ve seen the industry come a long way. Old Google algorithms give way to new. The world rushes from desktop

Having the Right Images, in the Right Format

 You might think this is going to be your basic boring, button-down blog post, but in a very key sense, you’d be wrong.   Not having the right photos in the right format is more than just an annoyance for a company. It can be

How to Make Digital Marketing Fun in Zoom Meeting

Making Digital Marketing Fun

As you’re diving into your overall web strategy, don’t overlook one important aspect of how you reach your audiences. Make it fun! Listen, in these trying days, people are stuck indoors with their devices. They don’t want to do research with a notepad, or scan

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Just Say It Once – And Say It Quickly

We all know intuitively that your writing style can make a big difference in digital marketing results. But how does that work, exactly? Here's one big tip that can help you to improve your digital copy. Basically, you can summarize the whole thing this way:
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Not Just Keywords and Tags – Today’s World of SEO

Massive investment in search engine optimization (SEO) has been a pillar of online marketing for decades now. But in the last few years, many companies have been flustered, flabbergasted and confounded by changes that they really didn't fully understand. It's not the company's fault –
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Don’t Spin Your Content!

Those of us who have been involved in the web design and content strategy game for a while have to sometimes chuckle thinking about what used to go on in the “good old ‘aughts” as the Internet was growing and maturing. Before Google elevated its

Reaching Out to Your Team

There are number of key aspects to good web design. Some of them are related to things like style and layout – but others are related to substance. That's kind of a play on words for us at WebSubstance – but it's also something that
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Do You Have the Right Unified Communications?

Just a couple of years ago, we were talking about “social, mobile and local” as the three big commandments for marketing – but the Internet has been evolving at a rapid rate – and things are always changing. The social, local and mobile or “solomo”
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Locational Principles in Marketing

There are many ways that machine learning and artificial intelligence can really improve business models. Companies are flocking to these new technologies to learn more about customers, refine business processes, plan better for the future and generally leverage this frontier of IT progress. One key