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Social Media

Starting a Podcast?

We’ve often talked about the proliferation of digital marketing channels and how companies need to think outside the box. Here’s a thought – in an age where we’re moving beyond simple text and images on the web, a podcast may be just what the doctor

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Using Sitelinks in Your Website

When it comes to creating the best web footprint possible for a business, Google sitelinks can really help. But there’s a lot of confusion over this simple Google feature. At WebSubstance, we help clients to institute or work toward simple additions like Google sitelinks to

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Telling a Relatable Story

In the online marketing world, it’s tough for companies to stand out. In many industries, competitors are elbow to elbow — not only on the street, but also on the Internet, where millions of users type in the same keywords to look for product or

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URL: Why Does It Matter for Your Business?

Lots of smart business leaders know that a website URL can have a big impact on customer response. It’s important to have a domain that is easy to spell, that sticks in the viewer’s mind, and something that’s easy to navigate to. But beyond that,

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The Value of SoLoMo for Web Marketing

Maybe you haven’t heard of the “SoLoMo” model, but it’s all the rage these days when it comes to digital marketing practices. SoLoMo isn’t brand-new — in fact, it’s been around for few years. But it’s still a good guideline for upgrading your marketing techniques

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Customer Experience Without CRM

Many companies are realizing that they need some way to create a better experience for customers online. They want to analyze customer behavior and figure out what customers like, so that they can tailor their sites to those preferences. Doing this is likely to bring

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Is Bounce Rate Bothering You?

What is a bounce rate, and why should you worry about it? The bounce rate is one of those very important metrics for your website performance. A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Google Analytics, a bounce is calculated when a user

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Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

Is your business using Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms? If not, you could be missing out. Social media marketing is a huge part of what companies are doing now to develop multi-channel digital campaigns. Social media started with content sharing and building

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Blogging: The Smart Way to Market Your Local Business

Local businesses are always challenged by the fundamental question — which digital channels should I use to reach out to new customers? There are a lot of different ways to structure a company’s online footprint, but one of them that’s become extremely popular is content