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Artificial Intelligence Marketing


Artificial Intelligence and Cascading Style Sheets

If you've read any tech media recently, you've probably heard that artificial intelligence is changing everything – but what about web design? Web design is actually one of those processes that seems tailor-made for artificial intelligence. To explain this, let's look at some of the
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Digital Twinning – A New Approach

Sometimes things change in ways that you don’t anticipate – or, sometimes, change happens without you really realizing it. There’s been a lot of change in the web design world within the past 10 years – even within the past three to five years! But

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Arriving at a Nash Equilibrium

A lot of us don't often hear about the ‘Nash equilibrium’ – but it's something that is absolutely valuable in explaining new technologies to audiences. It may be mostly the province of formal academic speakers in a lecture setting, but the Nash equilibrium can tell
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Six Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

How is artificial intelligence important in marketing? – Let's count the ways… Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the world we live in. From medicine and agriculture to retail, marketing and business administration, AI is giving us better tools to work with. Here

Humans Process Images, Too!

There's a lot today that's being said about artificial intelligence and image processing – and some of it’s shedding light on how we perceive images as humans. Essentially, we have specific visual processes through which we take in pictures – and on the web, that's

Deep Networks – Drop a Pebble in a Pool

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are advancing quickly! A lot of professionals recognize this, rightly, as the new frontier of computing. We’ve already come up with sophisticated big data strategies to get business insights. The next step, it seems, is to get computers to “learn”

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Game Theory: An Important Part of Machine Learning

To say that there is a lot happening in machine learning would be an understatement. To say that there is a lot happening in machine learning would be an understatement. The industry is booming, and data scientists are working on all sorts of angles to

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How AI and Machine Learning Can Change Audience Targeting

Maybe you’re hearing a lot about machine learning or deep learning, or reading articles about artificial intelligence (AI), and you’re wondering what this really means for business. The rapid progress that the data scientist community is making on machine learning and AI will change the