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Using Sitelinks in Your Website

When it comes to creating the best web footprint possible for a business, Google sitelinks can really help. But there’s a lot of confusion over this simple Google feature. At WebSubstance, we help clients to institute or work toward simple additions like Google sitelinks to

Game Theory: An Important Part of Machine Learning

To say that there is a lot happening in machine learning would be an understatement. To say that there is a lot happening in machine learning would be an understatement. The industry is booming, and data scientists are working on all sorts of angles to

How AI and Machine Learning Can Change Audience Targeting

Maybe you’re hearing a lot about machine learning or deep learning, or reading articles about artificial intelligence (AI), and you’re wondering what this really means for business. The rapid progress that the data scientist community is making on machine learning and AI will change the

What do you do about SEO when Google algorithms have changed?

Over the last few years, many business owners have been pretty confused about how to tackle online marketing — and we’re not surprised. The average business owner faces a real uphill battle in understanding how quickly changing Google algorithms have affected page ranking and visibility

Telling a Relatable Story

In the online marketing world, it’s tough for companies to stand out. In many industries, competitors are elbow to elbow — not only on the street, but also on the Internet, where millions of users type in the same keywords to look for product or

What Do You Do?

It’s a question that individual people ask each other at dinner parties, on the street or in any kind of informal meeting. But it’s also something that web visitors ask companies every time they go online and eventually end up on a landing page. People

It’s All About Pictures

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words — and while things tend to work a little differently on the web, images are still important. It’s true that online text is the meat of what web users interact with. In some ways, photos