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Bring Back the BBS!

Many younger people don't even remember the days before the Internet matured and became a glitzy global interface known for mammoth social media platforms like Facebook, highly sophisticated Google algorithms driving companies to invest in analytical research, and glossy, modernistic-looking websites created by graphic designers.

Six Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

How is artificial intelligence important in marketing? – Let's count the ways… Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the world we live in. From medicine and agriculture to retail, marketing and business administration, AI is giving us better tools to work with. Here

Humans Process Images, Too!

There's a lot today that's being said about artificial intelligence and image processing – and some of it’s shedding light on how we perceive images as humans. Essentially, we have specific visual processes through which we take in pictures – and on the web, that's

Browser Isolation: Check Hackers at the Door

Today’s cybersecurity world is simply buzzing with volatility. Many experts talk about the rapid “cybersecurity arms race” between hackers and malicious actors and those entrusted to protect network systems and resources from the black hat crowds able to assault systems through a globally connected Internet.

Do You Have the Right Unified Communications?

Just a couple of years ago, we were talking about “social, mobile and local” as the three big commandments for marketing – but the Internet has been evolving at a rapid rate – and things are always changing. The social, local and mobile or “solomo”

Locational Principles in Marketing

There are many ways that machine learning and artificial intelligence can really improve business models. Companies are flocking to these new technologies to learn more about customers, refine business processes, plan better for the future and generally leverage this frontier of IT progress. One key

Deep Networks – Drop a Pebble in a Pool

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are advancing quickly! A lot of professionals recognize this, rightly, as the new frontier of computing. We’ve already come up with sophisticated big data strategies to get business insights. The next step, it seems, is to get computers to “learn”

Who Wants to Solve a Puzzle?

In the very real competition to develop better websites than their competitors, businesses are often trying to solve “social” problems. They want to reach out and engage customers, and attract readership. They want to be better, to get better results. Quite a few marketers would

Think About a Visual Marketing Strategy

A picture is worth a thousand words! Here’s a relatively new take on a trend that’s been going on within business marketing for quite a while – something we’ve seen customers flock to as they start to understand how important it is to be dynamic