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Author: WebSubstance

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Rented Web Sites

We hear this all the time at WebSubstance – people wonder why they shouldn’t just sign up with one of those generic rental site operators, and get a landing page to give themselves some visibility, without wading into the uncharted waters of owning and administrating


Artificial Intelligence and Cascading Style Sheets

If you've read any tech media recently, you've probably heard that artificial intelligence is changing everything – but what about web design? Web design is actually one of those processes that seems tailor-made for artificial intelligence. To explain this, let's look at some of the
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Digital Twinning – A New Approach

Sometimes things change in ways that you don’t anticipate – or, sometimes, change happens without you really realizing it. There’s been a lot of change in the web design world within the past 10 years – even within the past three to five years! But

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PayPal and Square – Merchant Options for Your Web Site

Sometimes, the world of the Internet seems quite bewildering – there are all sorts of questions to be answered with even the most basic e-commerce website. For instance, you have hosting concerns, security questions and the need to purchase an SSL to make your site
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Not Just Keywords and Tags – Today’s World of SEO

Massive investment in search engine optimization (SEO) has been a pillar of online marketing for decades now. But in the last few years, many companies have been flustered, flabbergasted and confounded by changes that they really didn't fully understand. It's not the company's fault –
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Is Your Web Site Linked to Your Sales Funnel?

In the past, we've talked about a lot of the basics involved in setting up a good-looking and functional website. You need good layout, good content and a consistent color scheme, among other things. Professional photography and extra Google research can help. But what about
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Don’t Spin Your Content!

Those of us who have been involved in the web design and content strategy game for a while have to sometimes chuckle thinking about what used to go on in the “good old ‘aughts” as the Internet was growing and maturing. Before Google elevated its

Reaching Out to Your Team

There are number of key aspects to good web design. Some of them are related to things like style and layout – but others are related to substance. That's kind of a play on words for us at WebSubstance – but it's also something that
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Arriving at a Nash Equilibrium

A lot of us don't often hear about the ‘Nash equilibrium’ – but it's something that is absolutely valuable in explaining new technologies to audiences. It may be mostly the province of formal academic speakers in a lecture setting, but the Nash equilibrium can tell