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Maintenance & Support

Our clients have our unconditional support.

Our annual maintenance and support contracts take the burden off our clients. Our experts recommend the right training and services to meet business and online goals, and we provide our clients with regular security updates.

Keeping Your Site Running Well

At WebSubstance, our technicians know exactly how to do all of that routine maintenance that makes your site work, and keeps it working for the long haul. From making sure that individual URLs are supported, to controlling comments, or dealing with changes that could impact image and text display, we effectively review your project over time, so that you don't have to go in and mess around in your platform to try to "save" web pages that are getting cluttered or otherwise affected by wear and tear.

In some cases, it might not be a lot of work every day, but it's a problem for companies that aren’t used to maintaining websites. Some people think that you just throw up a site and leave it there for readers -- but that's not really the reality of it. User events and changes to the structure of the Internet can have an effect on how your site functions over time, and that's where we come in. We work behind the scenes to make sure your site looks and feels as good on day 100 as it does on day 1.

Security Updates

When you get web design and hosting service from WebSubstance, you also get regular security updates to show you where vulnerabilities might lie, and how your site is doing in standing up to cyberattacks. Whether or not there is hacker activity directed at your site has to do with a lot of factors -- for example, where you’re based, how your hosting services are set up, and what industry you're in. We look at all of these factors to deliver security information you can use to feel confident about your online operations.

Industry Compliance

If you're in an industry that requires a high level of information security, having a good support team can be a lifesaver. In some fields, like medicine and finance, companies have outside auditors peering over their shoulders, and rules and regulations that govern what they do online, or add a burden to the process. We understand the compliance demands that some companies have to meet, and we design our maintenance and support services to be responsive to that. We're there for you when you need troubleshooting or have problems with the site, and we’re there to consult about the security and compliance issues that may come up.

Get professional, capable support and maintenance services from a leader in comprehensive IT vendor provisions.

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