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Boost your business's online presence.

When it comes to social media and blog writing, our team is focused on strategy, engagement, analytics, and creativity. We create custom, quality content on major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and write powerful, compelling, and unique blog posts.

Instead of just "throwing things up" on social media, WebSubstance works carefully with each client, to get the results that will really complement an investment in a web space.

The Right Content

Whether it's on Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest or Foursquare, or anywhere else on the web, social media content has to be good. It starts with good spelling and grammatical quality, and clean copy, but it goes much further. The short-form posts that businesses put on Facebook and other social media sites have to reach people. They need to be engaging entries into a new relationship with a business. Blog posts, as well, have to do certain things. They work to provide a kind of "easy initiation" of customer contact. To do this, they have to have quality. They have to have, well, substance. And they need to be factually accurate and timely, and deliver to readers.

The Right Placement

Just like with older forms of advertising and outreach, social media efforts need just the right touch. They need consistent plans for getting the right numbers of posts out at the right times. Think about that critical flash point in radio and tv where all of a sudden, the repetition of even the best ad becomes too much. That's applicable to Facebook and other social media platforms, too.

That's why companies talk so much about "social media strategy" – because this kind of thing does need to be strategic. You don't want a third party firm "churning" out posts just to be able to bill for them. You want a partner that has your wants and needs in mind.

The Right Feedback

At WebSubstance, we also understand that critical "secret sauce" of social media marketing – analytics. Every campaign needs to learn from itself. How do you know what customers like? You learn, by looking at their behavior and applying it to dynamic campaigns.

Whether it's content, length, placement, or anything else, having sets of eyes on a campaign helps marketers to know where to go with it later. Good firms take in the data vis a vis page views, bounce rates, etc. and use that to craft things like blogs and social media programs.

Let WebSubstance help with fine-tuning your outreach blogs and social media spaces – to really get your message out the right way.

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