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Paid Search Engine Marketing (PPC Campaigns)

Spend on Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) continues to grow in the US at a healthy pace. The reason is simple – it works. In fact, for local many businesses, it is the prime channel for lead generation and revenue.

When it comes to local SEM and PPC campaigns, things can get challenging. Apart from the competition in bidding, local businesses are challenged by the campaign strategy, budget for PPC spend, and management of campaigns on a regular basis.

WebSubstance can help. We’ve got years of experience in ROI driven PPC campaign strategy and management.

It’s All About Your ROI

We strictly work around your CPA (cost per acquisition) goal and thrives to use the latest features in Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter apart from developing a long term, profitable paid SEM strategy. We usually start with a modest budget, and show results and then go from there.

Our expertise in SEM includes but are not limited to:
  • Target customer persona and buying intent based keyword (search terms) research and segmentation
  • Landing page development and A/B testing
  • Campaign optimization across the entire value chain of keyword > adcopy > landing page

We focus on the quality score of all the keywords across all campaigns to achieve higher ranking even with a modest bidding.

Most of our clients experience 30-60% improvement in sales and leads from PPC campaigns for the same marketing budget.

We also do PPC campaigns in social channels like Facebook, re-marketing and display advertising.

Learn more about our specialized PPC and display advertising services, ideal for your business.

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