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We make your team, your offices, and your events look amazing.

Whether you're launching a new product, creating brand awareness, looking for stunning headshots, or trying to generate buzz for an upcoming corporate event, there is no better way to capture the moment than with our professional photography services. And, to help our clients maintain their branding, our high resolution photos are available to them with unlimited rights to use, so they can be utilized for other business purposes.

Bringing Photography to the Web

Why do we focus so much on photography?

It's a fair question. We've put so much effort into developing our photography department because we realize a fundamental rule of online marketing. We understand that compelling, high-quality photos and graphics are a large part of what makes websites attractive and engaging. People go on the web to get information, but they also visit the web to be entertained and to have an experience. With modern technology, where it's possible to create stunning slideshows, gallery pages and even virtual tours of offices, having the right visuals is going to be critically important.

We consult with our clients to figure out what types of photography are going to showcase all of their companies and their departments in effective, meaningful ways. Then we bring our professional skill into play and develop the campaigns that will do the trick, whether it's head shots, event photos, staged office photos or anything else.

Lighting, Composition, Etc.

Another major role in our photography department is that you don't just go in, point and click.

Unprofessional photography can actually hurt a business - it's not just that professional photos look better -- it's that they represent the offices differently. Most of us have seen websites where the hasty posting of inferior photographs made a company look pretty bad.

In order to really support our clients, we put the time and effort into those visual things that make quality photography. We’ll work with lighting, and perhaps more importantly, we’ll work with composition. We will arrange the target space or work with the individual for a portrait in ways that bring out your company's best side. We will crop photos to include just the best of what our clients want web users to see -- and edit out the rest.

Think professional photography is important for weddings? It is, and that's the same philosophy you should bring to a corporate website environment. There is the same need for a level of style and professionalism that’s going to help your company 'win the Internet.' Talk to WebSubstance about handy professional photography services that can take your web site’s quality up a few notches.

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