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At WebSubstance, we've often talked about how valuable good content marketing can be. We know that we want to inject excellent content into the structure of a corporate website. But how does this work?
Here are some of the aspects of creating great content that local businesses can use to compete in today's digital world.

Brainstorm Before Jumping In

Too many content projects start with a hastily written list of topics and a green light for a race to the finish line. We're not suggesting that writers need handholding -- but there should be some creative process serving the creation of valuable content. It shouldn't just be a keyword and a knee-jerk reaction. Planning is important, and that's why writers need to do a bit of research and understand what's needed for a particular client.

Go Companywide

It's also important to have content writers and creators connected to your local business as a whole. This might look different in any given company -- writers may be interviewing suppliers. They may be talking to internal department managers. They may even be talking to customers. All of this collaboration is useful when it comes to creating a vibrant content platform.

Get Sharing

It's also important to have a sharing program for content. For example, many companies now link content to Facebook either with short-form social media blurbs, or with an actual link to a blog post. This is just one model, and companies can feel free to innovate and brainstorm their way to sharing success. One rule of thumb is that it's not a good idea to try to ask content writers to post business  items on their personal Facebook pages. Instead, a dedicated business Facebook page can be a central way to get this social data out to customers. Having a sharing plan that’s equitable and well-supported can make a huge difference in readership and return on investment.
Test Content

When content is out in the world, local businesses can go further by quickly looking at the metrics, and figuring out what works. Did a certain post net an extremely high volume of traffic and spike your page views for the month? That's valuable data that so many companies overlook. Just a few minutes of analysis can make a huge difference in managing an editorial calendar to reach more customers on an ongoing basis.

Talk to WebSubstance about setting up a great content marketing programs for your business that works. We’re specialized in content marketing for local businesses in Northern Virginia and can take care of everything from the initial ideas to the quality finished content. Make your website more competitive in the age of organic search and thought leadership.


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The Impact of Compelling, Original, Quality Content

Across the Internet marketing world, companies of all sizes are trying to figure out what really works on the web.

One thing that’s emerging, as a common philosophy and something that’s also borne out by numbers, is that creating intriguing, substantial web content is a way to get real brand visibility, and keep people coming back, to eventually buy.

The Content Philosophy

More business leaders are experiencing a ‘conversion’ from the days of the average, keyword-stuffed, short SEO post, to a new vision of ‘real pages’ that make sense and that readers connect to.

Contently, an engine for brand content serving many established blue-chip companies, is pushing this idea, but firms like this one are not alone. They’re joined by some household names in evangelizing about good content and how it works. For example, Contently’s Ritika Puri interviewed Pinterest head of content strategy Tiffani Jones Brown, the idea of high quality content as a “prime mover” of e-commerce is something that emerged as a main theme.

Doing the ROI

Yes, but what will good content really get me? How much does it help?

Those who are reading up on the value of content strategy are finding that it’s not all airy, spun-sugar stuff, but relates to real numbers. Contently also provides articles showing real, concrete ways to get content marketing ROI, for example, assessing the numbers of seconds a reader stays engaged in a first site visit, and how that corresponds to a conversion down the line.

WebSubstance: How We Can Help

Our team at WebSubstance understands the power of getting good content on the page. We can provide our clients with content marketing that works in the specific ways that entrepreneurs are talking about.

Along with comprehensive web design, we can add feature content to your site that represents something “readable” – results that readers want, not just empty stuffed shirts.

Let us become a partner in building your web site from the ground up, not just to get landing pages in place or showcase a corporate logo (although those things are important too) – but to start creating a conversation that, in the parlance of marketing heads around the world, will ‘bring all the customers.’

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