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Website for Bangrak Thai Cuisine

A client we recently created a website for is Bangrak Thai Cuisine. The restaurant owner, Rose, was looking for a fresh new page and we worked with her to achieve that. We created a website that includes all of the essentials. The menu, happy hour, directions, operating hours, delivery, and contact information are all easy to find and are displayed nicely. The website features responsive design which allows readers to easily view the page from any device.

Below you can see how the same webpage appears on a monitor, tablet, and mobile phone.


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Fonts and Colors on your Website

When we design websites, we like to keep them looking clean. We don’t want pages to be cluttered by several different font styles and colors. When a website has those elements, you often have a hard time focusing on the content which is the reason why you are there. So make sure you have a select font that is easy to read, it will make all the difference in the world.

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Always Check the Links Within your Website

You are browsing a website and see a link to a page that looks really interesting to read. You click on it and you are directed to an error page. Nothing is more annoying, right? When maintaining your own website, we recommend that you keep a document on your computer where you can save all of the external links you have posted throughout your website. That way you can easily check them and update them as needed. It will keep your readers happy and save you from scrambling to fix them at a later point in time.

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Importance of Converting Graphics to Vector Images

Tip: When you are sending out images, such as business logos, to be printed for marketing materials, make sure you have the graphic converted to a vector image. This will allow you to enlarge the image very big (think the side of a building) and still have it look very crisp. Using files such as JPEGs limit the quality when it comes to large prints. So be sure to always check your file type before sending your images out.

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Increasing and Improving Your Social Media Skills

Handling social media can sometimes be a daunting task. Today there are many platforms that allow you to communicate to the general public and your customers over the web. Figuring out which websites to use may be just as difficult as figuring out how you want to communicate with everyone. The following article answers those questions and more. It is a great read if you are looking to improve your social marketing skills.

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Marketing For Small Businesses

Running a small business can sometimes be very difficult. You want to grow your business so you look at how big names are doing things. However, that might not be the best thing for you. Keeping things simple and straightforward and by offering products and services customers want is what is important.

Read more here:

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What Customers Want From Your Website

Think your website has everything your customers want to see and all of the information they need? It is made for them after all. Take a look through this article to read about key aspects your website should include.

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