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Increasing and Improving Your Social Media Skills

Handling social media can sometimes be a daunting task. Today there are many platforms that allow you to communicate to the general public and your customers over the web. Figuring out which websites to use may be just as difficult as figuring out how you want to communicate with everyone. The following article answers those questions and more. It is a great read if you are looking to improve your social marketing skills.

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Marketing For Small Businesses

Running a small business can sometimes be very difficult. You want to grow your business so you look at how big names are doing things. However, that might not be the best thing for you. Keeping things simple and straightforward and by offering products and services customers want is what is important.

Read more here:

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What Customers Want From Your Website

Think your website has everything your customers want to see and all of the information they need? It is made for them after all. Take a look through this article to read about key aspects your website should include.

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Powerful Networking Tip

With the ever evolving computer technology, some of us may be spending more time marketing online rather than in person.  Something that we find is so important is networking and networking events.  While marketing and connecting with others online is great because you reach such a large group, there is still nothing that compares to meeting face to face with new business owners.  You can also find networking groups that meet weekly/monthly.  These are great because you and the other business owners can help each other out, refer clients and friends to each other.  You will find your business growing with every business relationships you build.  If you have never done networking in person, find a local networking group or event and you will see what you have been missing out on.

Read more about networking and networking events in this article:


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The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Is your website geared for responsive design?  If it is not, you are missing out!  Responsive design helps readers using smart phones or tables access the content on your website easily.  When your website has responsive design, it knows which way to display your content based on what size browser the reader is using.  This eliminates the annoyance of zooming in and swiping back and forth to read a page.

See our example here:

Also, take a look through this article to learn more about responsive design and how important it is.

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2014 Business Planning Tips

If you are a small business, it may be difficult to manage all business planning aspects.  The following article talks about how to market your business this year.  Many of the tips, which are services we offer, are so crucial to obtaining and maintaining a client base.  Take a look through the article to see if there is anything you are missing for 2014 and beyond.

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Happy New Year!


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