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The Impact of Compelling, Original, Quality Content

Across the Internet marketing world, companies of all sizes are trying to figure out what really works on the web.

One thing that’s emerging, as a common philosophy and something that’s also borne out by numbers, is that creating intriguing, substantial web content is a way to get real brand visibility, and keep people coming back, to eventually buy.

The Content Philosophy

More business leaders are experiencing a ‘conversion’ from the days of the average, keyword-stuffed, short SEO post, to a new vision of ‘real pages’ that make sense and that readers connect to.

Contently, an engine for brand content serving many established blue-chip companies, is pushing this idea, but firms like this one are not alone. They’re joined by some household names in evangelizing about good content and how it works. For example, Contently’s Ritika Puri interviewed Pinterest head of content strategy Tiffani Jones Brown, the idea of high quality content as a “prime mover” of e-commerce is something that emerged as a main theme.

Doing the ROI

Yes, but what will good content really get me? How much does it help?

Those who are reading up on the value of content strategy are finding that it’s not all airy, spun-sugar stuff, but relates to real numbers. Contently also provides articles showing real, concrete ways to get content marketing ROI, for example, assessing the numbers of seconds a reader stays engaged in a first site visit, and how that corresponds to a conversion down the line.

WebSubstance: How We Can Help

Our team at WebSubstance understands the power of getting good content on the page. We can provide our clients with content marketing that works in the specific ways that entrepreneurs are talking about.

Along with comprehensive web design, we can add feature content to your site that represents something “readable” – results that readers want, not just empty stuffed shirts.

Let us become a partner in building your web site from the ground up, not just to get landing pages in place or showcase a corporate logo (although those things are important too) – but to start creating a conversation that, in the parlance of marketing heads around the world, will ‘bring all the customers.’

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Responsive Design -- Why Do You Need It?

Responsive Design -- Why Do You Need It?

Practically speaking, responsive design is one of the biggest buzzwords of the 21st century. Smart marketers, technology vendors and others are all talking about the need for responsive design. But what does this mean?

Responsive design means that a web site is crafted to be able to show up well, and be user-friendly, in different platforms and environments.

A Diverse Landscape

Not too many years ago, it used to be that almost everyone accessing a web site was sitting at a desktop or laptop computer. The interface was always mostly the same -- a 20-inch monitor, a full keyboard and an overall, straightforward way to get on the web. Enter the smart phone -- now, a huge amount of web traffic is done over smart phones and mobile devices, which leads to some pretty severe problems with the user-friendliness of web sites. Smartphone users encounter displays that run off the side or bottom of the screen, menu buttons that are nearly impossible to find, and all kinds of other problems related to the underlying HTML source code, which is too often still built for a desktop or laptop interface.

Designing a Responsive Site

Today's top IT professionals know how to create a site so that it looks good on both a laptop or desktop environment, and a smart phone interface. This involves making specific changes to source code design, so that everything you need is there on your smartphone screen, and you can navigate a site, use controls, or utilize functions like ‘search’ without annoying crashes or other problems. In some ways, responsive design is also like old-fashioned print page layout. No matter whether it’s a newsletter, a landing page, or a set of slides, being responsive means everything fits, that all of the great visuals and great content that everyone put so much work into is there for users to see. Responsive design takes more work, but it pays huge dividends. That vast number of consumers using smart phones means more people are going to gravitate toward user-friendly sites that offer them all of the functionality of the site on any screen. Companies that are virtually unusable through a mobile interface are going to be left in the dust.

Comprehensive Web Services from WebSubstance

At WebSubstance, our teams provide top-to-bottom, full scale web design, and more. We handle responsive design issues, along with all other aspects of planning a sharp-looking and useful site. Along with all of these ‘nuts and bolts’, we deal with registry and DNS issues, while also helping with visual design extras like photography, and search engine optimization. We're a one-stop shop for not just getting up a web site, but designing and crafting a web site that will truly boost visibility for your brand, and help you grow your business. We are assisting our clients in looking forward to the days where web projects are built for diverse interfaces, and accessed from anywhere, not just from behind a desk.

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How SEO Can Help Your Business



Are you looking to increase your presence on the web?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very helpful tool that helps your business reach a larger audience.  Our clients can attest to how SEO has tremendously helped their businesses grow.  We want your business to shine and guarantee that our SEO services will increase your online web traffic!  Contact us to discuss how SEO can either help expand your business, reach a different client base, or simply just be seen on the web.

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Adding a Calendar to your Website

One of the services we offer here at WebSubstance is linking a new or existing Gmail Calendar to your website.  We have many clients who have a need for a calendar of events or a simple recurring schedule that needs to be available on their website for their clients.  Linking a Gmail Calendar is perfect for that because it is easy to update, added events will sync to the website, and you may be using one already!  If a calendar is something you need for your website, please contact us and we will handle all of the behind the scenes work for you!

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Revamped Website for Dentist Upstairs


Our latest web project was for Dentist Upstairs.  We revamped their website to make it more modern and up to date.   We also updated Dr. Partrick's portrait to go along with the new website.  The new site now has responsive design, which means it is designed for mobile and tablet viewing as well.  A new feature for their website is a blog.  Dr. Partrick can now inform patients about new products and services as well as teach them about dental care.  Copywriting was used to create content that grabs the reader's attention and help behind the scenes working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO will help their visibility on the web to reach more clients.  SEO is a popular service with our clients because of the proven results it generates.

Contact us today for any of the following services you may need:
•    Professional web development
•    Website design for mobile
•    Affordable SEO services
•    Creative graphic design services
•    Professional photography services
•    Web copywriting
•    Online shopping cart solutions

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New Website for RJT Industries


This website we created for RJT Industries holds a lot of information.  The client wanted to showcase their products in an attractive and informative way to stay ahead of competitors.  The site consists of product pages by type, as well as a brochures and warranties page.  There is also support and FAQ pages that help customers find answers to their questions or problems.  This can help reduce phone and e-mail inquiries on the clients end.  One of the other key elements to the client’s website is their online order center.  This is very important to the client as it is a way they streamline their ordering process.  The online order center is an external website but we created a page to help explain what it is and how it can be used.  The website helps the current clients and with search engine optimization they will reach even more customers.

Contact us today for any of the following services you may need:
•    Professional web development
•    Website design for mobile
•    Affordable SEO services
•    Creative graphic design services
•    Professional photography services
•    Web copywriting
•    Online shopping cart solutions

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New Logo for Pro Boats Group

Below is our latest logo revamp for Pro Boats Group in Florida.  We worked back and forth with the client to create a new, contemporary design to represent their business.




Old logo:


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